Web Services

One of the largest pieces of our business is the design and creation of websites for business, and non-profit organizations. This is the age where every business needs an updated page online at the very least. You need a single place where your customers can get correct information, and where you can go to connect with your customers in every way that you can. You really don’t need to be sold on that idea though, do you? You want to know what’s included in the web package! So here it is:

Basic Web Package

What does a basic package include, beyond my expertise, knowledge and experience?

  • Dynamic, responsive website, branded to match current logo and identity, optimized for your target audience and business identity.
  • Several features added to make the interface more easy to use including child page navigation, duplication, and familiar text editing tools
  • Content placed on up to 10 pages from textual content or files from any old site or current marketing material.
  • contact forms (2)
  • graphic slider
  • gallery(2)
  • Search engine optimization and analytics straight from google.
  • Up to 10 users created for the site.
  • Up to 5 graphics are created, as well as a banner for the next holiday, sale, or event after the site opening.
  • “Welcome to the New Site”campaign
  • All plugin and theme updates are automatic for the first year
  • Hands on training on the system for each step through creation
  • full usage manual of each function within the site as well as your custom actions.
  • Added security by closing standard loopholes that are known to hackers, limit login attempts, add extra protection to your site from Wordfence
  • Basic functions include:
    • Posts: scheduled, or immediate content to your viewers
    • Allow comments and discussion from viewers
    • Allow users to view posts by category, date, author, and more.
    • Get quicker feedback through contact forms
    • Display numbers of graphics with galleries
    • Allow different types of users to interact differently with your site
    • and more

Extended Service Options

Each of the following are functions that have several features within them, so prices vary. Also, if it is not listed, it still might be able to be done, just ask!

  • Ecommerce for Digital Products
  • Ecommerce for Physical Products
  • Event Registration and Management
  • Full Newsletter Campaign Creation
  • Restaurant Menu, Delivery, etc
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Members only sections
  • Discussion Forums
  • Live Chat with Customers
  • Extended Social Media Connections
  • Print on Demand
  • Podcasting/Webinars ()