Why should you hire a web designer?

There are so many do it yourself websites out there, and a lot of them are free, so I get asked all the time why anyone should hire me, or any other web designer. After all, its easy to make a website, right? Well, not really. Is it easy to make a page on the internet? Absolutely. Is that page ready for search engine optimization? Does it do anything beyond show information? Is it appealing enough to not only bring people in, but keep them there? Is it easy to edit and add information?

There is so much that goes into making an effective website for a business. A web designer knows not only how to keep your customers on your site through to the action and purchase, but how to bring in new customers through search engine optimization and social media connections. Web developers can also help add extended functionality like project management, client management, payroll, ecommerce, food delivery, anything you can think of.

So in short, why should you hire a web designer?

  1. You are buying our expert knowledge, skill, and efficiency.
    • You aren’t just buying a website, you are buying our knowledge of how to set it up, how to draw attention, design aspects, and so so much more. Good designers have years of experience creating websites to solve client’s business problems.
  2. You are buying our research, so you don’t have to worry about scams.
    • You will need to research type of services, hosting, which plugins you need. You will need to research plugins on their merit, their trustworthiness, their ease of use, and their features. Designers already have a set of plugins for practically everything. We have already spent the hours researching plugins and learning how to set them up. Hours that you don’t want to spend.
  3. You are buying our time, so you can use yours how you need to.
    • How much time do you have to get the site up and running? From what I have seen, it usually takes the first timers, even the ones using “easy site builders”, about 6 months to learn the system enough to set up, find the right plugins and calibrate them. Even then, there are usually problems with the systems, broken links, security holes, and other issues. I have seen lots of people even pay for way too many premium plugins because they don’t know about better options. We have done all of this before so much that setting up all of those settings, working on multiple sites at a time, we can get them set up in sometimes less than 2 months – even with getting you properly trained.

So why hire me?

I am not a salesman. I am not going to spend paragraphs extolling my virtues. Instead, I am going to tell you how I do business. Below is the layout of how I would work with you on a website after you have expressed interest. Some of the details might change, but you can get the general idea. No large phase of the project will be “finished” until you say it is!

  • Meet with you and talk about what your business needs. We talk about what all digital ways I can help, and we come up with a plan of what you want your website to be. We also talk about general site looks you like and don’t like.
  • I design your website based off of your logo
  • I show you the design to see what revisions on the general look of the site
  • I do any revisions and add all informational content, create all of the pages and make sure each page is designed to work on all screens
  • I show you the rest of the site, for revisions. I give you access to the back end and teach you how to create posts and pages. I also give you a user manual in case you forget.
  • As you are learning the regular system, I then work on any extended functionality, one function at a time – or more if you want.
  • As each one of them is finished, I walk you through how to use each system, adding them also to the manual for your reference.
  • As soon as everything is working as you need it to, and you understand the system, I will launch it live for all to be able to access.
  • I will then make sure that all of the social media links are working and help you release the “New Website” campaign

If this sounds like a great way to work so that you are always a part of the process, contact me.