The Lindys is an annual competition held school wide at Lindenwood University. It is like a mini Grammy’s or Oscars, but for design and multimedia students. The submissions are sent off to judges that are actively in the field. In 2015, I had full control over the PR campaign. Previously, there had been less than 100 submissions per year. With my efforts of promotion, and coordination between different departments, we skyrocketed the submissions to just under 500 submissions that year.

The biggest change I made with the promotion was to convince the competition head to allow for online submissions for the first time in the 10 years that it had been held. The system was integrated into the already standing website for the school of communication.

Another student, Yu Hao, created the first poster, and with his permission, I rearranged and changed the format to accommodate the many places that it was going to be posted.

To be able to promote the campaign to its fullest extent, I collaborated with the following departments to either complete or post projects for the promotion.

  • The Legacy, the school newspaper
    • I tasked them to do an article on the new contest parameters, as well as the event itself
  • The university archivist office
    • I coordinated with them to be able to utilize the campus tvs as banners for the entry deadline and actual event
  • Spellmann Exhibit Case
    • We created an exhibit to highlight past winners, advertise for the entry deadline and for the event
  • Nine separate labs with different heads, to allow promotion within the labs.
    • IMWD Labs (2)
    • Video Lab (1)
    • Newscast Station (1)
    • Print Labs (1)
    • Mac Design Labs (1)
    • Journalism Labs (2)
  • Student Resource Center
    • coordinated with the employees to post flyers all over campus and within the cafeterias
  • LUTV and its webmaster
    • I coordinated with the university tv station’s webmaster to gain access and permission to post a full section about the competition, including extra pages about FAQ, the winners, as well as the actual submission form
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