These posts are for me to help other designers with tips and techniques, as well as to show clients the inner workings of what all a designer goes through to create the amazing work you requested!

Should Web Designers, Developers and Maintainers be in IT?

As a “web person” I will almost always wholeheartedly disagree with putting web jobs within IT. Before you laugh that ...
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Creating Timelines

Timelines are a Centerpiece; Create Them Wisely Creating a timeline for a project can be the most stressful, and yet ...
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Vault Project: The Lindy’s

The Lindys is an annual competition held school wide at Lindenwood University. It is like a mini Grammy’s or Oscars, ...
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writing notes

The First Client Meeting

The first client meeting So you have landed a client! Congratulations! They want to sit down with you to talk ...
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