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Current Admin: William Duffin
Status  Pre-Launch
Hosting  Yes, Recurring on (4/1)
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Roles and System Access

E=Create/edit and Publish
V=View only
R=Create/edit, but not publish
N=No access, cannot even view

Role Events Members Newsletter Board Book
Ecommerce Pages/Posts Comments
President E E E E E E E E
Vice President E E E E R E R V
Secretary R E E E R R E V
Treasurer R  E N E R E R V
Librarian R V N E E R R V
Event Coordinator E V N E R E R V
Fundraising Manager E V N E R E R V
PR Manager R V E E R R E E
Board Member R V N E R R R V
Member N N N N N N R V
Volunteer N N N N N N R V
Message Bearer R N N N R N R V
Editor R R R R R R E E


  • Individual videos or pdfs of role based actions will appear here as created. If there are certain custom actions you need first, contact me.