About the Name

My name is Katheryn Hays, and “The Kat-alyst” is a named I earned working full time at an after school educational center. I was their resident designer, web content manager, printer fixer and all around tech girl. Because I always seemed to have more projects going than my bosses could keep up with, they named me The Kat-alyst and it stuck. When I was given my own office, I would sit between the two computers and bounce between projects all day, going from web, to advertisements, to children’s workbooks. In fact, one of my co-workers saw me sitting between the monitors, in my tiny little office and dubbed it the Kat-Cave. They even made me a little cartoon sign. My only problem there was I did not know enough to be satisfied. I craved to know how to do my job better, how to produce more eye-catching adverts, better coded websites, and sometimes…smaller Photoshop files. That’s when I decided to go to Lindenwood, where I received a bachelors in Interactive Media and Web Design, and a Masters in Project Management.

About Me

Between working on my freelance projects, I am actually in class or grading. I am currently a part time professor at Lindenwood University, teaching students to be weird. Really, I am. Our department is called the Interactive Media and Web Design department, or IMWD (the I’M WeirD’s). The class I teach is called fundamentals of the Internet, but it boils down to HTML, basic CSS and we touch on Javascript and JQuery.